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All the smarts

Despite my love of books, I was never really one for book and classroom learning. I was an explorer, needing to hands on experience things in order to understand them. Which is why I often felt (feel) out of place in a traditional classroom setting.

All too often I see "smartness" measured in purely intellectual terms, and yet when we look at our crazy, mixed up, complex world we see the need for other forms of intelligence: from self- and emotional-awareness, to modalities of personal expression and communication, to competences for collaboration and the ability to connect deeper to self and the planet.

Which is why I love this beautifully illustrated book. SO. MUCH. All the Ways to be Smart by Davina Bell and Allison Colpoys presents smartness as more than cleverness, it's sharing, empathy, experimenting, creating, and exploring. What we're left with is an expansive celebration of talents big and small.

And so, dear readers, the question isn't whether you're smart, but in what way you're smart. Have fun exploring this question on your own or with your littles with the help of this mini-activity packet:

All the ways I'm smart
Download PDF • 918KB

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