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Story Time
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Global Citizens Story Club

The Global Citizens Story Club is a developing workshop series grounded in "lived-experience" storytelling created for children and their families. The GCSC aims to cultivate emotional intelligence and empathy to nurture respectful curiousity about the world we live in and the multifaceted experiences of the people who inhabit it. 


Taking an intersectional approach, the GCSC also aims to provide age-appropriate resources and opportunities for open exchange and learning for a community of caregivers and families seeking to raise the next generation of globally conscious, open-minded and open-hearted humans.

People are all, simply, a collection of stories: those we are told, those we tell, and those told about us.  People become the stories they believe.

     - Oliver Jeffers, Begin Again

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I am a cultural entrepreneuse, immigrant, daughter of an immigrant, , lifelong learner, avid reader, community builder, intercultural learning facilitator and diversity activist. My pronouns are she/her. I am the fiercely proud mother of two, amazing humans, and my favorite color is teale.

I believe in open dialogue with children, to help them develop the emotional awareness and critical thinking skills they need to become equitable citizens in an ever changing world. I believe in the power of stortyelling and play to open spaces for deep learning, for littles and bigs (families and caretakers) alike.



Hi! I'm Anisa, a 24-year-old based in Zürich with Pakistani roots. My favorite color is red and I love sushi! I juggle multiple roles as a caretaker for two children, a teacher, administrator and freelance designer. I'm most passionate about stories, art, animated creations, and biking. I share my life with a silly cat, a wonderful partner and a family of 14 people.

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